My North American Haul: Sephora Favorites – Part 1

לפוסט בעברית לחצו כאן

Hello my makeup friends, Happy Holidays!

If you follow me on my social media accounts (or if you’ve read my previous post) you probably know that recently (about two months ago) I was on a long three week vacation in North America, Visiting Canada (Montreal and Niagara Falls) and the US (well, just NYC).

The trip was incredible – visiting my family in Canada (you might or might not know that I was actually born in Canada) or just traveling with my boyfriend, being on vacation is just a wonderful feeling.

As you might expect from me, I visited Sephora more than just a few times. I actually visited a few different stores, and the biggest and most impressive one is undoubtedly the one in Times Square, New York. I purchased many different products throughout these store visits and I will be telling you all about them in this and in upcoming posts. Yup, I bought an amount of makeup that requires me to split up my reviews into a number of different posts. I saved up a lo for this trip so I can splurge without having a bad conscious, and I had a very set idea of which products I wanted to buy (I made an actual list, so I don’t go overboard). Even so, I did go a little wild and made a few unplanned purchases (which were still within my budget).

Part of my unplanned purchases include two Sephora Favorites kits. These kits include products from various brands, and each kit usually has some sort of theme. If I’m not mistaken, these kits are usually limited and seasonal – they come out before holidays or before specific seasons (such as a summer kit, which included mostly bronzing and highlighting products).

These kits usually include sample and travel sized products but also at least one full size product. I find these kits to be wonderful especially if you want to try out products from different brands but don’t want to commit to buying the full size product.

And without any further ado – let’s start!


Sephora Favorites – Give Me Some Bold Lip

Sephora Favorites – Give Me Some Bold Lip

So in part 1 of my North American Haul series I will be talking solely about this Sephora Favorites lip kit. This kit includes 6 different bold lip shades (which are basically shades that aren’t in the nudes family) which are by 6 different brands. One of these lipsticks is a full size one while the rest are travel sized.

The kit is a small lips shaped pink box, and inside of it are all the lipsticks. It can be purchased only at Sephora for $28, which is a steal since one of these lipsticks costs the same. If you want to purchase the full size of any of these lipstick I will leave links throughout the post.

LtR: Tarte, Laura Mercier, Sephora Collection, Ciate London, Kat Von D, Bite Beauty

Tarte – Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Yaassss
Deluxe size.

I already own three of these Tarte Creamy Matte Lip Paints and I love them, so I was happy to see the box contains a shade I don’t already own. The shade Yaassss is definitely a bold one – some might say a little too bold – but I absolutely love it. The shade is a bright neon purple and I love these types of purples and have quite a few in my collection. I think I pull off the shade pretty well and even though I don’t go with bright purples on a daily basis I do enjoy them once in a while. When I do wear a shade like this I either get compliments on how great it looks or stares from strangers who are probably thinking “who is this crazy chic with that crazy lipstick?!”.

I love the moussey formula of these lipsticks. it applies easily and evenly and feels very comfortable on the lips. From what I understood, a lot of people were dissatisfied with the formula, unhappy with the fact that the lipstick doesn’t completely dry down as a liquid lipstick should and that it’s longevity isn’t as long as other liquid lipsticks. I personally love this formula (in terms of staying power it reminds me of the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips one) and wouldn’t mind if they left it as it is, but Tarte recently came out with another lip collection in addition to the Creamy Dry Matte line, named the Quick Dry Matte line, which is more of the traditional liquid lipsticks that dry down completely. The Creamy Matte lipsticks last about 6 hours on me without eating, so I’m curious to know the longevity of the newer formula is!

The deluxe size of the lipstick contains 0.10 oz (3 ml), and if you wish to purchase the full size (which contains twice as much – 0.20 oz/6 ml) you can get it from the Tarte website (which ships worldwide), Sephora and Ulta.

Laura Mercier – Velour Lovers Lip Colour in An Affair
Full size.

This is the only lipstick in the kit that comes in full size. I have to say that I’ve never heard or read anything about the Laura Mercier lipsticks. I always hear about the setting powder (which I actually got in a different set I purchased and will review in another post) and I own the wonderful shadow sticks, but none of the lipsticks.

Honestly when I first took the lipstick out of the box I was sure it was a Nars lipstick (which are lipsticks I am completely in love with!) since the packaging is similar and when I realized it wasn’t Nars I was a tad disappointed, but that disappointment went away quickly.

The lipstick formula is a bit dry so it takes a bit of effort to put it on your lips but once it’s on it looks flawless and even, and it feels great. The shade is a deep plum one and is perfect for the colder months of the year. The lipstick has a satin finish and even though it was a bit dry while applying it has some shine to it on the lips. It stayed on my lips beautifully until after about 5 hours, when I ate some food! At this point the lipstick faded away mostly on the inner part of the lips and left a bit of a stain.

The lipstick contains 0.12 oz (3.4 grams) of product and costs $28 – the price of this entire kit! Meaning that if you buy this kit you’re basically buying this lipstick and getting 5 free deluxe sized lipsticks. Totally worth it.
You can buy this lipstick at Sephora, the Laura Mercier official website and at Nordstrom.

Sephora Collection – Rouge Cream in
#49 Belly-Dancing
Deluxe size.

Of course a Sephora Favorites kit will include a Sephora Collection lipstick, a tiny one at that! It’s so small and compact and actually looks like one of those kid lipsticks. But it’s not a kid lipstick, it’s a real one and it is fabulous! The shade is a classic red – a medium cool toned red. This lipstick completely surprised me with how good it is. I wasn’t expecting a Sephora lipstick to be so good, though I should’ve known since I own a few of the Sephora liquid lipsticks and they are amazing so it should be no surprise this lipstick is amazing as well.

The lipstick glides on extremely easily, applies smoothly and evenly. It’s longevity is pretty good – it lasted for about 6 hours on me before eating and like the Laura Mercier lipstick it has a satin finish that has a bit of a shine to it and does not dry the lips whatsoever.

I have no doubt I will try more lipsticks from the line in the future but for now I’m happy that I have this tiny lipstick to play around with! It contains 0.03 oz/0.85 grams (!). A full size lipstick contains 0.14 oz/3.9 grams and can be purchased at Sephora for $12.50.

Ciaté London – Liquid Velvet in
Head Over Heels
Deluxe size.

The Ciaté London Liquid Velvet was the biggest surprise for me in this box. I’ve never tried any of the company’s products (not even their nail polishes) so I wasn’t expecting much but wow was I surprised! (There seems to be a pattern with how pleasantly surprised I am with the lipsticks in this box). This liquid lipstick applies easily, and feels extremely comfortable on the lips. It has a moussey texture, dries down quickly and lasts a long time (it held the best so far – about 7 hours!). It’s shockingly bold pink color really scared me at first, but I think I actually pull it off. What do you guys think? 😉

I really don’t have much more to say about this beautiful lipstick, only that I really enjoy the formula and am looking forward to trying more shades in the collection.

This deluxe size contains 0.06 oz (2 ml) of product, while the full size contains 0.22 oz (6.5 ml) of product and costs $19. You can purchase a full size at Sephora, the official Ciaté London website, Asos or Look Fantastic.

Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Damned
Deluxe Size.

I am so sad to say that this is the only product in the box that I was extremely disappointed with.

The Kat Von D formula is one of my favorites, I have 4 full sized lipsticks in my collection and I love each and every one of them. The formula is pretty liquidy and dries almost immediately but with enough time for a full and perfect application.  It dries down completely yet doesn’t dry your lips too much. One layer is usually enough with these, they last a long time and I just love them.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s a deluxe size or because it’s such a dark shade (blackened cherry), but the formula in this specific lipstick just sucks. In my pics below you might be able to see how patchy and streaky the application is. And in the pics you see me after I tried to re-apply 3 times! The lipstick never dried down completely and when putting my lips together it kept coming off my bottom lip (even after I waited a few minutes for it to dry). So yeah, this lip shade is an epic fail. Sorry Kat.

The deluxe size contains 0.10 oz (3 ml) of product and the full size contains 0.22 (6.6 ml) of product. If you still want to purchase this shade (NOT recommended) or other shades (highly recommended!) you can get them at Sephora or the official Kat Von D Beauty website for $20.

Bite Beauty – Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Aubergine
Deluxe Size.

I always hear amazing hings about the Bite Beauty lipsticks. About a year ago I got a two sided lipstick from Glambot and I really enjoyed the formula. In this kit we get a lipstick from the Matte Creme Lip Crayon collection, a lipstick that comes in form of a crayon. The biggest advantage of this type of lipstick is that it is really easy to outline your lips and to get a precise application. This is important especially with darker shades, just like the shade received in the box. Another advantage is that you don’t need to use a lip liner with this lipstick. Not that I mind using both a lip liner and a lipstick, but it’s nice to save some time once in a while.

When first looking at the shade it looks very deep and eggplanty (as the shade name suggests – Aubergine) but in reality the shade is a lot more cherry toned. I find this shade to be stunning and it surprised me with how much I ended up loving it (when I first looked at it I thought it was meh). This lipstick, as most of the other ones, was extremely easy to apply, applied evenly and is very opaque. It feels great on the lips and is long wearing. It is meant to be matte but it actually had a lot of shine to it. It feels lightweight and does not dry out the lips. It feels moisturizing, but doesn’t smudge easily.

I have to say – this is my favorite shade out of the whole bunch!

The deluxe lipstick contains 0.03 oz (0.85 grams) of product and the full size contains 0.05 oz (1.56 grams) of product. The Bite lipsticks are sold exclusively at Sephora and you can get them for $24. Not cheap, but definitely worth it.


Before we finish, here are some hand swatches (sorry they’re so bad):

Sephora Favorites – Give Me Some Bold Lip Swatches


And that’s all! I’m really glad I impulsively bought this little box of lippies. It has a great mixture of different bold shades in different finishes, and except for the Kat Von D lipstick that is a fail, I’m really happy with the rest of the lipsticks in this kit.

If you want to get this Sephora Favorites kit you can get it here for $28. Last I checked it was still in stock, but if not you can always get the full size of these (through the links I posted throughout the post).

LtR: Tarte, Laura Mercier, Sephora Collection, Ciate London, Kat Von D, Bite Beauty

Tell me in the comments if you like these bold shades or do you prefer nude ones? Have you tried any of the lipsticks I mentioned? Let me know!

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Until next time,

Maya ♥



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