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I’m usually such a perfectionist, and every post I upload on my blog is carefully thought out. I plan, write, take photos, edit, re-write and so on. I feel this is both an advantage and a disadvantage since on the one hand I think I publish pretty good posts, but on the other hand there is always an eternity between each post I publish, which I feel isn’t very beneficial for my blog. I’m trying to get better at it, but for the most part I’m quite failing.

Yesterday I was looking at all the new holiday releases that brands are putting out and I was making a mental list of the products I want to get myself, and then I thought to myself “why make a mental list when I can make an actual list?”. And so, I’ve decided to just write down all the products I want and share them with you in a short(ish) spur of the moment type of post.

So, here is my (current) holiday 2017 wishlist!


Sephora Favorites – Give Me More Lip

Every year Sephora comes out with large versions of their different bundles which I love. It is an amazing way to try out different formulas and brands without spending too much money. They come out with a random products bundle (enough products to create an entire makeup look), a mascara bundle, perfume bundles, skin care bundles, hair care bundles and of course – lip bundles! I have a few of the previous Give Me Some Nude Lips bundles (and am actually working on a post about those) and I have also one of the Give Me Some Bold Lips bundles which was released last year, and I have already written a post about it as well. For the upcoming holiday season they are releasing a mega bundle, which includes 5 full size products and 10 deluxe sized lip products.

I am an avid lip product lover, and love trying out new brands and new formulas. Sephora chooses great products to put in these bundles and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this gorgeous kit.

This kit is obviously exclusive to Sephora and can be bought in stores or online for $68.

Photo taken from Sephora.com

Cover FX – Custom Enhancer Drops Set

Another Sephora exclusive is the Cover FX mini set. I already own a full size of the Custom Enhancer Drops in the shade Moonlight and absolutely love it. I’ve always wanted to try more shades and this mini set would be perfect. The full size contains 15 ml while each one of the mini sized ones contain 4.5 ml and even though that doesn’t sound like much it is more than enough. A small amount of these go a long way and they are wonderful and can be used for a several purposes; face highlighter, body highlighter, it can be mixed in with foundation to give a beautiful natural glow, it can be used as eyeshadow and so on.

The set comes with these 4 shades: Celestial, Halo, Rose Gold and Moonlight.

As I’ve mentioned, this is a Sephora exclusive and can be found only online for $42.

Photo taken from Sephora.com

Lorac Cosmetics – Mega Pro 4 palette

If you know me (or just follow me on Instagram) you would know that a) my favorite makeup item to collect is eyeshadow palettes, and that b) my absolute favorite shadow formula is the Lorac Pro one. I own every single pro palette that has been released – including the smaller 8 pan ones and the limited collection ones such as the I ❤ Brunch palette, the Pirates of the Caribbean palette and the Beauty and the Beast palette. And of course, the 3 standard pro palettes and the 3 Mega Pro palettes. So it makes sense for me to get the new Mega Pro 4 palette, right? I mean, my collection needs to be complete!

I will admit, when I first saw what the palette looked like – I was quite horrified. The first moment I saw it I said to myself that there is no way I’m getting this. At first glance the shades in this palette don’t seem cohesive but the more I look at it the more I see how many great looks I can create with this and how creative I can be. I honestly think the pink packaging does not do the palette justice and it distracts from the beauty of the shadows (which is the same issue I had with the Mega Pro 2 palette) but once you look beyond the packaging the shades really are unique.

If you haven’t tried the Lorac Pro formula, I highly recommend you try it! The shadows are a bit more powdery than your average eyeshadow but that’s what makes them blend seamlessly and beautifully. And the pigmentation is insane!

Unfortunately, Lorac products are available only within the US since they are sold exclusively on the Lorac website and at Ulta so if like me you don’t live in the US you’ll have to go through some trouble to get it. The Mega Pro 4 palette retails for $59.

Photo taken from loraccosmetics.com

Hourglass – Ambient Lighting Edit – Volume 3

Another palette that has been released yearly in the past few years in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette, but unlike the Lorac palette, this is a face palette.

I’ve always wanted to get one of the Hourglass holiday palettes since they always look so luxurious, and obviously because their products are so wonderful. I already own the first holiday face trio (which includes 3 setting powders) and I love it. I have a blush by the brand and I love it. And I have a highlighter by the brand, and I love it. So I have no doubt I will love this palette as well.

This palette consists of 6 different pans: two powders, two blushes, a highlighter and a bronzer. I almost got last year’s edition of this palette but I didn’t completely clique with it however this year’s palette is right up my alley and all the shades are just stunning.

The only downside to Hourglass products is their price. The products are always pretty pricey to begin with, and this holiday palette is even higher in price (for a smaller amount of product) but I think they are definitely worth it since the products are just so good.
A regular sized powder by Hourglass contains between 4.25g to 11g (depending on which type of powder it is – setting powder, blush, bronzer or highlighter) and the prices range from $38 to $50 accordingly. In this holiday palette each one of the six powder consists of 1.3g and the entire palette costs $80. So yeah, not the cheapest powders, but as I said – from my experience they are definitely worth the money!

You can currently get this palette only at Sephora, since it sold out on the official Hourglass website (but should return soon) and from my experience it should pop up at some point on Space NK.

Photo taken from temptalia.com

Ciaté London – Chloe X Ciaté Beauty Haul Volume 2

I just recently told you (in my last post!) about my love for the Chloe Morello X Ciaté London collab that was released last year, and how the Pretty, Fun and Fearless palette is one of my current faves. So I was ecstatic to hear that a second palette (and entire new bundle) will be releasing next month. This new beauty haul will include a brand new palette with 20 new shades, a deluxe sized liquid lipstick in a brand new shade, an eyeliner and a deluxe sized Wonderwand mascara.

The star of this haul is obviously the palette, which once again looks wonderful. There is a nice fun shade range, both cool and warm tones, both colorful and neutral and all in all it just looks great. The only thing I’m not completely excited about is the fact that the palette has 4 green shades in it. But even though I’m not usually a fan of green shadows I still love the look of this palette in it’s entirety.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this bundle. As of right now no price has been published, but according to Ciaté London‘s Instagram the bundle will launch worldwide on October 3rd and will be available for purchase at Sephora, the Ciaté official website, Cloud 10 Beauty and I’m assuming it will be available also at Asos.

Photo taken from Chloe Morello’s Instagram

ColourPop Cosmetics

So, ColourPop hasn’t actually shown us what they are planning on releasing this upcoming holiday season yet, but with my experience their holiday collections are always fun and most importantly – inexpensive! If you haven’t heard, ColourPop is coming to Sephora in November, and will be releasing exclusive products to the branch (which won’t be available on the ColourPop website. I think). How exciting is that?! So I’m guessing there’ll be separate holiday releases for Sephora and for the ColourPop website.

Whatever ColourPop comes up with, I’m probably gonna get it since I am a complete addict when it comes to the brand and I purchase almost everything they release!

I cannot wait to see what they come up with!


So that’s my entire holiday wishlist, for now. No guarantees the list won’t expand, and it probably will!

My issue though is that most of the products on my wishlist are hard to get since I live outside of the United States and Canada. Luckily my mama is visiting my sister in Canada in the upcoming weeks and my brother resides in the USA so I think I can manage to get my hands on most of these products through them 😀

What’s on your wishlist this year? What are you excited to purchase? Would you like to see an update post in which I’ll tell you what I ended up getting?

Let me know in the comments!

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See you next time,

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