A $24 Eyeliner?! Marc Jacobs Fineliner review

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Hi everyone!

You may or may not know this, but about a month ago I went on a spontaneous trip to Madrid with my boyfriend and his parents. It was great! Short and sweet. I love the feeling of on unplanned trip, it’s something fun and unexpected in the middle of your regular day to day life. Since the trip was unplanned I also didn’t plan out what I was going to buy and how much I was going to spend on shopping. Usually before every trip I make lists of what I plan on buying and leave some extra cash for spur of the moment purchases. Since this time I didn’t plan out anything I was afraid I would spend all of my money and buy all of Sephora! However, I am proud to say that besides buying all of Kiko (which you will read about in a separate post) I was able to restrain myself and I bought only several products. I got a few Sephora face and eye masks, the Nars Sheer Glow foundation and Translucent powder, a Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick, a beauty blender and eye makeup remover. And of course, the product we are all gathered here today for – the Marc Jacobs Fineliner. (If you would like to see a review on any of the products I mentioned, let me know in the comments!).


So what is this Fineliner I’m writing about?

I have a confession – when I purchased it I was positive it was the eyeliner Kathleen Lights keeps raving about, but in hindsight I realized I bought the wrong one. Whoops. What she kept talking about is the Highliner, and I got the Fineliner. They’re both gel liners, but the first you need to sharpen while the other is retractable. The biggest catch with these? They are not cheap. Each pencil costs $24. Pretty pricey for a simple eyeliner. I decided to splurge and purchase a high end product to see if it’s worth the money! And of course, if I purchased a pricey product I obviously need to tell you what I think.

Out of the 7 shades in the collection, I chose the shade Blaquer(Berry). I didn’t want to purchase a standard black but I also didn’t want to go with a bold shade I would barely use (such as the royal blue shade) so I got the deep plum-black shade, which is a perfect in-between and is different enough from anything I have in my collection.

When I first tried the pencil in the store I was amazed at how creamy, pigmented and smoothly the pencil applied. I only swatched in on my hand (since there is no way I’ll be sticking a tester in my eye!) but by the way it felt I really wanted to purchase it. When swatching it had a lot of shine to it, which worried me a bit. I was sure that since it was so shiny in meant it would not last long but to my surprise it completely set after a few moments. It was so durable that I wasn’t able to remove it all day long until I removed it with makeup remover at the end of the day at the hotel (and so I walked the whole day around Madrid with a purple stripe on my hand). Even before I realized I wasn’t going to be able to remove the swatch, I was convinced I need to buy it – and so I did.

The pencil’s design is silver and luxurious and on it there are stripes indicating the shade of the pencil, in this case, purple. Also on the packaging: the company name (Marc Jacobs, duh), the shade name, how long until the product expires (12 months), the country it was made in (Japan!), a bunch of details nobody really cares to read, and of course the amount of product you’re getting, 0.11 grams / 0.0038 oz (which is the main con of this product, but we’ll soon get to that).

Once the cap is removed you can see why this product is named Fineliner. It is exremely thin! You know the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz? Or any similar brow pencil for that matter? It’s the same width (I believe it’s 2 mm). This width is perfect when you want to create an extremely thin line close to your lash line, as well as create a thin wing. I usually prefer to use a gel (in a pot) or liquid liner to create a wing, but this one makes it extremely easy and makes me want to use it for this purpose.

This pencil is a retractable one, the kind you twist in order to extract product which is both a pro and a con imo. The con – you can only twist it in one direction, meaning that if you twist out too much you cannot put it back and since it is a gel formula it is at risk of drying out. On the flip side, this means you can really control the amount that comes out and not waste it. Also, although these type of liners usually have less amount of product, at least half of it doesn’t go to waste like they do in pencils you need to sharpen.

As I’ve already mentioned – the product’s formula is extremely creamy and is easy to apply since it is so smooth. One swipe is enough to line you waterline, as well as tightlining, which is great since you don’t use up a lot of product. This is great also since this eyeliner doesn’t have much product to begin with. It only contains 0.11 grams / 0.0038 oz, which is NOT a lot. I know that the point of this pencil is that it is super thin, but it can at least be longer! I hate that I am paying so much and getting so little in return. A bit of a comparison: in the ColourPop liner you get 0.2 grams / 0.007 oz of product, Rimmel has 0.28 grams / 0.009 oz of product, NYX has 0.31 grams / 0.01 oz of product and Essence – while is not a super thin but is a gel formula – has 0.57 grams / 0.02 oz of product. So yeah, if drugstore brands have twice the amount of product for a third of the price, the least Marc Jacobs can do is give us a bit more product. Am I wrong?

Longevity, here lies the true test. Is it worth the price? Does it last longer than other gel pencils I’ve tried? So, when I created a wing and drew a thin line above my lash line the liner did not budge from my eyes the entire day! Once it sets, it sets. Just like when I swatched it on my hand, it did not come off until I removed it with makeup remover. It stayed on just like any gel (in a pot!) eyeliner I’ve ever tried, such as the ColourPop or the Maybelline ones. Seriously, it is great for this use.

However, my main use for this type of liner is usually in the waterline and the case here is a bit different. I will say in advance that my eyes tend to be waterier than the average person’s eyes, meaning that liners in the waterline don’t last on me very long. They hold for about 2 hours (if not less) before they start to fade away. With this Marc liner I will say that I definitely felt an improvement. It didn’t last forever, but it held pretty well (around 3.5 hours) before it started to fade away from my waterline. An advantage I noticed with this liner is that it does not smudge. You know how a few hours after you put a liner in your waterline it starts to smudge underneath you lower lash line and give you raccoon eyes? I didn’t have this issue with this liner. It did stain the lash line a bit, an effect I actually do like, but it didn’t smudge at all and my under eye area remained completely clean and raccoon free.

A hand swatch:

A few looks I created using the Fineliner:

In the first look I used the Fineliner in the lower waterline and I also tightlined my upper waterline:

For my second look I created a thin line on my upper lid with a small wing:


My final thoughts:

I have to say that I really like this Fineliner. You can feel it is a high quality product. It does not tug or irritate the eye (an important detail I forgot to mention), it’s easy to work with and you can create any look you want to with it. It is without a doubt a lot more long lasting than any other gel pencil I’ve tried before.

Having said that, I do think that it is way too expensive and I’m not sure it’s worth the money. I get it, Marc Jacobs is a higher end brand, and the Fineliner is a high quality liner, but it’s still just an eyeliner! Especially since there is so little product, it sucks to pay so much when I can find a perfectly good eyeliner at the drugstore.

I’m not gonna lie, there’s a good chance I will buy another Marc Jacobs eyeliner in the future, most likely the Highliner I originally intended on buying, but if you’re not a die hard eyeliner collector I would suggest you pass on this one.

If you still wanna buy this Fineliner, you can get it from the Marc Jacobs official website or from Sephora.

And what are your thoughts? Are you willing to pay such a high price on an eyeliner? What products are worth the money in your eyes? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Until next time,

Maya ♥





  1. Fab post. The liner is super slim isn’t it???!! Looks amazing on you though and the swatch is great. I do like thin liners as I’d rather start thinner and build up if I want to as I’m not great at eyeliner!! I’d try this! X

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