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Hi everyone,

It’s been a while, as usual.

My last post was all about my holiday wishlist, and I’m happy to say I purchased 3 items from the list so far.

One of those 3 items is the Sephora “exclusive” Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Set (and you’ll soon understand why I say exclusive in quotation marks). I went through quite an ordeal to get this set. Sephora doesn’t ship outside of the US, and at the time I couldn’t find the set anywhere besides the US site. So I bought it and shipped it to my brother (who was in NYC at the time) who brought it for me. Yay!

Yesterday morning however, as I was browsing the Space NK website (I may have been checking out the Hourglass holiday palettes…) to my surprise the Cover FX set appeared on the site, as a Space NK “exclusive”! So yeah, if I had known, I would have just ordered it from there (since Space NK does ship internationally)…oh well!

In case you were thinking of getting this little set, I decided to write a quick review to help you decide if it’s worth your while.


This gorgeous mini Cover FX set comes in a simple yet gorgeous rose gold packaging. The box is a cardboard one and to open it you just need to slide it out.

In this holiday set you get 4 deluxe sized bottles of the famous Custom Enhancer Drops in some of their best selling shades: Celestial, Halo, Moonlight and Rose Gold.

A full size of one of these contains 15 ml while each one of these mini sized ones contain 4.5 ml. This set costs $42 (or £34), which is the same price of one full size bottle, so if you think about it you’re actually getting 3 ml more with the set than if you were to buy just one full size bottle.

Moonlight – Mini vs. Full Size

While 4.5 ml doesn’t sound like much, trust me, it is more than enough. A little drop goes a long way with these babies so they’ll last you for quite some time. Also, if you’ve never tried the Custom Enhancer Drops this set is the perfect one if you want to try out the formula, and also perfect for when you have tried the formula (like me) and you just want to try out other shades without committing to a full size.

Just like the full size ones, these minis come in a glass bottle and with a dropper, which helps control the amount you want to use.

I’ve neglected to mention what these drops are – in case you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of them in your life – liquid highlighters! And boy are they fabulous.
The shine on these are like no other and while they are essentially just highlighters, they are quite the multi-taskers. You can obviously use them as a face highlight and a body highlight (a little bit on the shoulders in summertime gives you such a radiant glow!) however they can also be blended into your foundation to get an illuminating glow, they can be used as eyeshadow, and even as a lipstick topper!

Celestial, Halo, Moonlight, Rose Gold

I sometimes mix them in with my foundation but for the most part I use these as my highlight. What I love about these is that they blend beautifully into the skin and they can either be sheered out to be very subtle or they can give you a bam(!) kinda glow, depending on how intense you like your highlight. I also love that once the highlighter dries down on your skin it will not budge and make you look radiant all day long.

I will say that these do dry down pretty quickly so you need to work fast. Also, when applying I suggest not applying directly to the face because if it dries down too quickly it might look like you have a streak of shimmer on your cheek, and nobody wants that. I like to put a drop on the back of my hand, and using either my finger or a damp beauty blender, I tap it onto all the areas I want to highlight.

Celestial, Halo, Moonlight, Rose Gold

I’ve heard a few reviews that the formula of these minis is different from the full size one, but from my experience they are the same. In all fairness I only have Moonlight in full size so I cannot speak for the other shades, but either way they all work well for me.

The shades in the set:

Celestial a light metallic pearl with a hint of pink and silver. This is my current favorite of the bunch, ever since I got it I can’t stop using it! I love the way it looks on my skin, probably even more than moonlight.


Halo compared to the rest of the shades, Halo has a much thinner consistency and the shade is not as metallic, but a duo chrome pearl with a blue shift. It’s quite unique!


Moonlight –  I believe Moonlight is the best selling shade, and for good reason. It is a metallic champagne silver shade with a hint of gold, and this is a shade that would look beautiful on everyone. This is also the only shade I already own in full size and I love it so so much (but as I mentioned, I’ve been loving Celestial more ever since I got it).


Rose Gold A deep rose gold shade. I will admit that I haven’t actually used this shade on myself since it seems quite dark for my skin tone. It is a gorgeous shade, and if it’s too dark for a highlight I think I’ll use it mixed in with my foundation.

Rose Gold

A few swatches:

(This photo was taken in natural sunlight, on a different day than all the other photos): Halo, Celestial, Moonlight, Rose Gold


So, do I think this set is worth getting? Without a doubt – YES!!!

The Custom Enhancer Drops are some of my favorite highlighters, and for $42 (£34) you cannot go wrong, especially since you get 4 different shades. I say get your hands on this set before it is no longer available!

As I’ve mentioned, this set is available at Sephora and at Space NK.

Celestial, Halo, Moonlight, Rose Gold

Have you ever tried the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments!

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Bye for now,

Maya ♥




  1. Great post. I really want to get this set, especially since breaking my one from Sephora! I think the minis are great for people like me who don’t wear makeup every day because having something open and not using it all of the time can end up being wasted if it goes past its shelf life. Less likely to happen with minis. I think this is going on my wishlist!! xx

    1. Even if you did wear makeup every day, this would last you such a long time! And you’re right, I’ve recently went through my collection and chucked a bunch of old makeup that was way too old to keep! <3

  2. These are soooo stunning! I always have a hard time applying liquid highlighter but these ones sound like they blend very well!

    1. They do! They blend amazingly and look gorgeous on the skin.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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