ColourPop X Alexis Ren – Collection Review

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Hey everyone!

It amazes me how time goes by so quickly. We’re nearing the end of April…April! The year just started but it’s already April. Time goes by so quickly and I feel like I’m not getting anything done in time. But I guess everything will work itself out 🙂 These past two months were filled with events for me (holidays! And my birthday!) so I decided to take a little break from my blog to regroup my thoughts and plan my blog posts more efficiently. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’m pretty active there (I’ve even reached 1K subs! Hmmm…maybe this means there’ll be a giveaway soon? 😉 ) so I haven’t disappeared completely. But now I’m back and (hopefully) better than ever! I even have a few posts written in advance. It’s tough for me posting once a week (mostly since I have a full time job and because I post in two languages) so I think I will be posting once every two weeks.

Anyway, let’s get to what we’re all here for…makeup!


You may already know this, but I have a “slight” addiction to ColourPop. Their biggest disadvantage is that they launch a new product or collection every other day! This is really hard on my bank account – but makes my soul pretty happy. Obviously I cannot resist and I usually place an order about once a month. I’m a hardcore addict.

In my head I have so many posts I want to write about the brand, but my collection has grown in a way that I don’t know where to start! Is that something you would even want to read about? Any of the lip products? The new pressed shadows? A second part about my ever-growing super shock shadow collection (you can read the first – and so far, the only part – right here)? Let me know down below.

So ColourPop is known for it’s collaborations – famous YouTubers (such as Kathleen my queen), actresses (like the beautiful Jaime King) and even Instagram models – such as Alexis Ren, which is whose collection we’ll be talking about today.

To be completely honest, until this collab was launched I had absolutely no clue who this Alexis Ren Chic is and I’m still not sure exactly who she is  and what she does and what she’s done to be collab worthy. I do know that she has 8.7m followers on Instagram and it seems to be enough to catch ColourPop’s eye and create a collection with her, so congrats to this beautiful lady!

The collection was first launched around the beginning of February and is still available for purchase. Many of the items keep going in and out of stock so if something you want is currently out of stock just keep your eyes open. The collection includes 5 different items – one face palette (which includes a bronzer and a highlighter) and 4 lip products – 3 Blotted lips, an Ultra Satin Lip (USL) and an Ultra Matte Lip (UML). I purchased the palette, the USL, UML and one Blotted Lip.

Without any further ado, let’s talk about the products.

Pressed Powder Face Duo in Topaz

So the first item in this collection is probably also the most talked about. At the time of the launch it was the first time ColourPop released a powder face product. Up until that point all the launched face products were in the unique Super Shock formula (their cream-spongy formula). The bronzers in that series were not the biggest success and were recently removed completely from the site, probably to make room for new powder face products. Since this product is the first of it’s kind for the company, the hype was real.

The design of this palette is stunning. The duo comes in a matte black sleeve with glossy black stripes, while the lettering is all in rose gold. Once the sleeve is removed you see that the palette’s design is identical to the design of the sleeve. Once you open it, there is a decently sized mirror, the two powders which are set in a black base while the frame is rose gold (which matches the lettering on the packaging). The palette shuts with a magnet which is a great way to keep the powders as fresh as possible. The palette itself is about the size of my hand which makes it perfect for travel.

And of course, inside the palette there is a warm bronzer and a golden highlighter.

She’s Here To Stay – A pearlized golden highlighter. When I first opened the highlighter I was taken aback since it looked darker than I expected and I was afraid it would be too dark for my fair skin. I was happy though once I tried it on – the highlighter is a subtle one so it can look beautiful even on me. It’s not the most pigmented highlighter which is a good thing in my eyes. It is buildable and you can achieve either a really subtle glow or a wham bam type of glow. It’s petty long wearing – at the end of a long day the highlighter is still noticeable on my cheeks. All in all I’m pretty happy with this highlighter but honestly I prefer the super shock formula which lasts and looks (on me) much better. This powder highlighter is not the favorite in my collection but I am enjoying it and I’m sure I will continue to use it (especially in the upcoming summer days, this shade is suited perfectly for that). The highlighter contains 0.25 oz (7 grams) of product.

Golden Moment – Ironically enough (and as it totally befits ColourPop who tend to give products names you wouldn’t expect) the product with gold in the name is not the golden highlighter, but the bronzer. The bronzer is a medium warm one and this one as well quite frightened me when I first saw it, since usually warm toned bronzers don’t flatter my skin, especially orangey ones like this one. I was right – I definitely cannot contour my face with this but for warming up my face and giving it a sun kissed glow it’s wonderful.
Unlike the previous super shock bronzers, this powder bronzer is incredible. The formula is buttery and smooth, allowing it to blend easily into the skin. When swatching with my finger the swatch was pretty faint but once I tapped into it with a brush it was a lot more pigmented and has quite a bit of kick up (so beware of excess powder). With this product as well you can build up the color so it’s suitable for light-fair to medium skin tones. Something that surprised me – even though they look identical, the bronzer actually contains more product than the highligher – 0.35 oz (10 grams) of product.

All in all this duo makes me happy, but mostly I’m excited to see what other face products ColourPop comes out with. As of right now they have already launched 3 more duos which each include a blush and a highlighter, meaning that the bronzer in this duo is currently the only powder bronzer by the company. I would love to see other shades so we’ll have to wait and see!

The Topaz duo is sold (when in stock) for $15.

Blotted Lip in Deja Vu

The next product I want to talk about is a new one as well that was first launched with this collection – the Blotted Lip. Since this was a new formula I only ordered one (out of the three released) to try out. The lipstick comes in a sleek black packaging with rose gold lettering (in line with all the other products in the collection) and if you enjoy these lipsticks, they just launched 8 brand new shades in the classic white packaging (as well as 8 Ultra Blotted Lip in different shades). Once the cap is removed the top part is in a color which indicates the color of the lipstick. At the bottom there is a sticker with the shade name, in a color indicating the color of the lippie. In comparison to the classic Lippie Stix, the Blotted Lip in shorter and wider, however the quantities in both is the same – 0.035 oz (1 gram).

The Blotted Lip is meant to give you lips a smooth, even and blurred look and give your lips a dab of color – as if you just ate a popsicle and it stained your lips. The lipstick is a matte one but feels like silk on the lips and applies easily and evenly. The shade is not completely opaque in order to get the lip stain effect. It is meant to give you a no-makeup makeup look – minimal and fresh – a trend that is growing stronger these days.

The shade I purchased is the shade Deja Vu, an everyday pink nude that personally just enhances my natural lip color. As promised, it feels great on the lips and doesn’t dry them out. Application is super easy and it feel comfortable and smooth on the lips. If you know ColourPop’s lip primer, the feeling is quite similar. The longevity however is not the longest (and doesn’t claim to be). It lasts on me for about 6 hours, but when eating it fades away completely.

IMO, these Blotted Lips are really nice and I’ll probably purchase some more in the future (I have my eyes on the new UBL) but honestly they don’t excite me. Don’t get me wrong, this lipstick is great, but I prefer the regular Lippie Stix (my favorite formulas are the Matte X and the Satin ones).

The Blotted Lips are priced at $5 each.

Ultra Satin Lip in Bare Necessities

I told you a bit about this Ultra Satin Lip formula in my 2016 favorites post. The lipsticks apply like the liquid matte’s do but don’t dry down completely. They do however last a long time, don’t dry out your lips and generally look great. The only slight downside is that the darker shades can bleed out a bit so it’s essential to use a lip liner with them. With the brighter shades I don’t have any issues.

I don’t have much to say about Bare Necessities besides the fact that it is a gorgeous day to day peachy nude shade and I honestly think it would look great on fair as well as darker skin tones. It’s not the most unique nude shade I’ve tried and I have a few similar ones in my collection, but it is gorgeous regardless. Like all the USL, the lipstick contains 0.11 oz (3.2 grams) of product and costs $6.

I do have one thing to say that really bugs me with the company – something that occurred with this lipstick after one time I put it in my bag, and that occurs with almost all ColourPop products (especially with the lip products). The logo and all the lettering on the package almost always wears off. And it drives me insane. I know that in order to get amazing quality products for a low amount requires sacrifices in other areas (such as the packaging) but it still really bugs me that after spending some time in my purse everything is just gone. I would even pay an extra dollar just to get a lipstick with an un-fadeable package! I guess I’ll just have to wait for ColourPop to step it up in that department.

Ultra Matte Lip in Little Weapon

The last product for today is the most amazing liquid lipstick there is. Well, I may be a little over exaggerating, but I am currently obsessed with it. This lipstick is the first product in the collection that caught my eye and made me say “you have to be mine”. I love red lipsticks, and this may be the perfect shade of red. Honestly there is one other red lipstick by ColourPop that is my absolute favorite (Ribbon), but this is a really close second. When I saw it in front of me for the first time it was love at first sight. Can you tell I’m in love? It’s a true red with orange-coral undertones and the photos just don’t do it justice. I recommend you stop everything you’re doing and go buy it this very second. DO IT.

Lately I’ve been falling more and more in love with ColourPop’s Ultra Matte formula. When they first launched they had some bad reviews, but ever since the formula was revamped I think it is great. They dry down completely so it is really important to prime your lips beforehand but once you do that the UML feel great. With most of the shades I’ve tried one swipe is enough to get a beautiful opaque layer. They dry down evenly and feel so smooth on the lips. And they last forever! This specific shade lasted me for about 12 hours, no joke. Obviously after I eat it fades a bit in the middle but still looks and feels great. The only thing I’m not too fond of is that feeling at the end of the day when the liquid lipstick starts crumbling at the edge of your lips. This is something that happens (at least for me) with ALL liquid matte lipsticks while with some it’s worse than with others.
If you’re not a fan of these types of liquid lipsticks that dry down completely I would recommend trying the USL or the more moussey kind (like the Ofra liquid lipsticks), but if you don’t mind a bit of dryness I say try these.

I forgot to mention that both the UML and USL (as you can see in the photos) have the same packaging – a black cap and rose gold lettering and ring on the tube itself, unlike the usual silver design.

The UML contains 0.11 oz (3.2 grams) of product and costs $6.

Here’s a look I created using the gorgeous lipstick (taken from my Instagram):

So on my way to work this morning I realized I forgot to put on mascara! Luckily, I had the @essencemakeup brow and lash clear gel in my purse! Do you think it helped? 🙄 My friend Rachel (of @beautyandtheballroom) inspired me to add some color to my eye look! I think it turned out pretty well 😊💖 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #happypassover #passover #passover2017 #happyholidays #lorac #makeupforever #essence #urbandecay #colourpop #maybelline #anastasiabeverlyhills #tarte #lotd #instabeauty #flatlayforever #discoverunder100k #bbloggers #beautyblogger #makeupblogger #instabeauty #ilovemakeup #makeupmadness #motd #makeupoftheday #slave2makeup #makeup #makeuplove #mua #makeupobsessed #makeupaddict #carselfie

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And this is what it looked like after eating a greasy lunch (looks pretty good right?):

Annnnnd some swatches before we finish (for some reason Bare Necessities looks darker than it actually is):


So that’s the ColourPop X Alexis Ren collection. As of right now the palette is out of stock but I believe it should be back soon! I’ll update on my Facebook page once it’s back. You can find the whole collection here. I would love for you to tell me in the comments what your favorite product is from this collection and if you’re planning on getting anything? FYI, ColourPop has free domestic shipping over $30 and free worldwide shipping over $50! Great!

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See you soon,

Maya ♥



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